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Гидравлическая манжета 30,5х35,5

Hydraulic lip seal Claas, 30.5x35.5

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Application of hydraulic seal: The oil seal (the popular name in CIS - salnik) serves for consolidation of shaft of rotary details and parts: shaft, yoke, lever, crankshaft, flywheel, gear wheel, transmission, reducer, wooble etc. Thanks to flexible edge from...

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Гидравлическая манжета 30,5х35,5
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Claas Hydraulic Cuff 30,5x35,5

Country of origin: Poland

Assignment of cuff reinforced:
The hydraulic ring collar (popularly known as the cover cap) serves to seal the immovable parts of the hydraulic cylinder (cover-sleeve and piston-rod) and prevent hydraulic oil from flowing out of the hydraulic cylinder or flowing from one cavity to the other.
Structure of the stuffing box:
The cover ring (static sealing ring) has a rectangular shape in cross-section with convex inner and outer surfaces. The main material for making the ring is polyurethane and rubber (NBR nitrile rubber).

Weight, kg0.01
Inner Diameter, mm30.9
Thickness, mm4.9
External diameter, mm35.5

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