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Mower frame 1.35 [Trough]
Mower frame 1.35 [Trough]
Mower frame 1.35 [Trough]

Mower frame 1.65 [Trough]

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Main frame to the rotary mower 1.65m

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Mower frame 1.35 [Trough]
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Main frame of rotary mower Wirax 1.65м

Rama (Trough) to the wirax rotary mower 1.65, it is filled with oil in which the main shaft and gears are located, approaches the rotary mowers 1.65! Everyone who has 1.65, 1.85 does not buy!

Manufacturer: Wirax
Country: Poland

Weight, kg24
Length, mm1180
Width, mm175

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