Drive Belt 2832
Drive Belt 2832

Drive Belt 2932[Produkt Polski]

  • PN-86/M-85200
  • Product code: AV-9830
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Drive Belt 2832
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Drive belt 2932

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Belt Application 2932

V-belt SPA 2932 for the Polish rotary mower is used for V-belt transmission. The drive belt has an isosceles trapezoidal shape, which provides high friction force with a small belt tension. This maintains a high level of interaction with the pulleys.
Tape PN-86/M-85200/06 is most often used for a two-disc walk-behind tractor Wirax (manufactured in Poland). The model is also suitable for rotary V-belt mowers of the following manufacturers:

  • UNIA;
  • Z-069, Z-072;
  • Lisicki.


Before buying, be sure to check the specifications and dimensions of the 2932 drive belt:
manufacturer: Wirax;
complete set: 4 pieces;
type: wedge, narrow profile, fan;
shape: smooth, endless;
marking color: green;
weight: 0.4075kg
size: SPA 2932;
width 12.7 mm;
height: 10 mm;
stride length: 2932 mm;
operating temperature: -55 - +90.

The SPA 2935 narrow profile belt withstands single belt loads of 3 kW or more.


The narrow profile drive belt consists of a durable rubber base reinforced with a polyester fabric cord, thanks to which it has a number of advantages:
high wear resistance and service life;
heat resistance and the ability to use in a wide temperature range;

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Length, mm2932
Width, mm12

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