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Сегмент противорежущий ножа жатки комбайна Claas [PL]
Сегмент противорежущий ножа жатки комбайна Claas [PL]

Shearing segment Claas[AGV]

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Application A spare part for the header knife of the CLAAS combine.   Destination Providing a clean cut of the stalk during operation as a part of the knife, minimizing loss of the grain crops, especially overripe ones. This spare part is used for replacing...

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Сегмент противорежущий ножа жатки комбайна Claas [PL]
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Claas shearer knife segment combine harvester Claas [AGV]
Manufacturer: AGV
Country of Origin: Germany
Spare part for the header of the CLAAS combine.


Providing a clean cut of the stem when working as part of the braid, minimizing the loss of grain, especially overripe.

Used to replace worn or damaged parts in the process of repair work.

Trapezoidal steel plate with sharp serrated side edges, made of alloy steel, hardened to increase fracture resistance and increase wear resistance.

A mounting hole is made at the base. The segment is connected to the back of the braid with rivets or threaded connection.

Weight, kg0.02
Length, mm63
Thickness, mm3
Dimensions - Height, mm5
Dimensions - Width, mm45
Dimensions - length, mm65
Overall width, mm40
Number of fixing holes1
Diameter of the mounting holes, mm5.5

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