Of the lasers, the 6-cylinder models 110, 130 and 150 were introduced in 1983.
Later, the collection was expanded with a four-turbo Laser 90 and a 5-cylinder
At 100. The new technology for lasers had a 50-degree turning angle,
oil-bath disc brakes on all wheels and crawler steering,
where the front and rear wheels of the same side were braked at the same time. As a turning circle
the steering brake indicated, for example, only 620 cm on the 110 model. There was an all-wheel drive
center axle, 50-degree swivel angle and engaging differential lock.
The transmission was 24 + 12 with a reversing gear and a mechanical quick-change gearbox

Much of the same technology was also the most robust Galaxy 170 that was introduced
in the summer of 1983. The most significant difference was the 27 + 9 transmission with a 3-speed
mechanical quick gear. The Galaxy's hydraulics were load sensitive. Laser
and the color of the body of the Galaxy, unlike the previous blue, was dark gray,
apparently because the Galaxy had an air-cooled engine apart
except for the same tractor as the Lamborghini 1706.

Laser and Galaxy remained in production with minor changes for more than 10 years
I drive. In 1992, minor improvements were made to the engines, which
mainly the torque values ​​improved. In the USA, the lasers were sold to Agco
As the Allis 7600 Series.

90 Turbo100110130150170
Engine model1054PT1055P1006P1056P1056PT1056PT
Bore x stroke mm105×120105×120100×120105×120105×120105×120
Max. power hp DIN/rpm93/227098/2200110/2200125/2260144/2200170/2200
Torque Nm DIN/rpm330/1250348/1250365/1400420/1400510/1400620/1400
Gears12+12/24+1224+1224+1224+1224+1227+9 (24+8)
Synchronized gears12+12/24+1224+1224+1224+1224+1227+9 (24+8)
Quick-change gearlisäv.mek.mek.mek.mek.mek.
3 port.
Speeds in km/h1,2-29,01,2-28,11,1-29,71,2-28,71,3-29,90,9-30,3
Hydr. flow l/min646464646464
Hydr. pressure bar183/180183/180183/180183/180183/180183/180
Lift controlsmek.mek.mek.mek.mek.mek.
Lift capacity kg4600 (6000)4600 (6000)4600/64005400/700070007000/7650
PTO speeds540/1000540/1000540/1000540/1000540/10001000
Brakes (levy=disc)öljyk. levyöljyk. levyöljyk. levyöljyk. levyöljyk. levyöljyk. levy
Turning circle m 2WD6,6
Turning circle m 4WD8,610,711,111,812,212,2
90 Turbo100110130150170
Front tyres 2WD7,50-18
Front tyres 4WD14,9-2416,9-2416,9-2414,9-3016,9-3016,9-30
Rear tyres 2WD16,9-34
Rear tyres 4WD16,9-3418,4-3418,4-3418,4-3820,8-3820,8-38
Weight kg 2WD3860
Weight kg 4WD437044604880517055056075
Height w cab cm270270277278278288
Length cm405/423428457462476474
Wheelbase cm247/245260275280284293
Fuel tank l130130230230230240
Cab noise level dB838282,5828282,5
Solid cabxxxxxx
Diff. locktappil.tappil.tappil.tappil.tappil.tappil.
Creeper gearlisäv.lisäv.lisäv.lisäv.lisäv.lisäv.