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Фильтр масляный P550315 [Donaldson]

Oil filter P550315 [Donaldson]

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Фильтр масляный для комбайнов Claas: Mega, Dominator, Juguar, Lexion и двигателей Mercedes. Предназначен для удаления загрязнений в виде масляных нагаров, металлической стружки и т.д.

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Фильтр масляный P550315 [Donaldson]
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Oil filter P550315 [Donaldson]
Manufacturer: DONALDSON
Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia
Purpose of the oil filter:
The oil filter is designed to remove harmful particles from engine oil resulting from wear of friction surfaces, as well as from solid fuel combustion products entering the oil.
Oil filter structure:
The oil filter consists of a metal housing, a filter element and two valves: a bypass valve (sometimes called a safety or bypass valve) and a check valve (anti-drainage).
The principle of operation of the oil filter:
After starting the engine, an oil pump is launched, which circulates the oil under pressure from the oil pan to the engine. Before entering the engine, the oil passes through the filter element of the oil filter, while being cleaned of harmful impurities. If the filter element becomes dirty or a sharp increase in the engine crankshaft rotates, the bypass valve is activated, which provides oil to the engine. The non-return valve holds the oil in the filter when the engine is not running so as to ensure that the set pressure in the system is quickly established during engine start-up.

Weight, kg0.32
Inner Diameter, mm24
Height, mm195
External diameter, mm83

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