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Комплект поршень 116мм с пальцем на двигатель John Deere

Piston 116mm with wrist pin (set) John Deere 7.6[Bepco]

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Комплект поршень 116мм с пальцем на двигатель John Deere
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RE50868 - Set of pistons 116mm with pin for John Deere engine

Manufacturer: Bepco
Country of origin: Great Britain
Spare part for JOHN DEERE diesel engine

Purpose of the piston:

A piston is a cylindrical part of an internal combustion engine that makes a reciprocating movement inside a larger cylinder and serves to convert a change in the pressure of gas, steam or liquid into mechanical work, or vice versa - a reciprocating movement into a change in pressure.

Piston structure:
The piston consists of three parts that perform certain functions:
- the bottom;
- sealing part;
- guide part.
The bottom and the sealing part form the piston head. To transfer force from the piston (or vice versa), a rod or connecting rod can be used, which is connected to the piston with the help of a finger. In some cases, the rod can play the role of a guiding device

Weight, kg3
Number of rings3
Размер А поршня70.35
piston size B14.57
piston size D124.9
Size of the Е piston47.6
Piston diameter116

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